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What makes Shikat (she-cat) Bay Oysters so Darned Good?

      We take pride in raising, hand selecting, cleaning, and packing all of our 

oysters to ensure it.

Shikat Bay Oysters are raised in trays suspended from grow-out rafts their entire growth cycle from spat to maturity. Our oysters never see Muddy/Sandy beaches which is typical in most other oyster growing operations in the US. 

As a result of this coddled life our oysters are uniformly shaped with deep cups and plump meats. Our oysters have a  pretty amazing liquor that is sure to wow your taste buds.


Packaging and Shipping

  Our oysters are hand packed in styrofoam lined boxes with the cup down to retain the natural juice or brine to hold in the freshness. Once packed and boxed, our oysters are loaded with gel ice and rushed into refrigeration prior to making the next flight out to our customers. 



  Restaurants, Oyster Bars, Sport Fishing Lodges, 

Seafood Markets, Catered Gatherings, Weddings, 

Super Bowl Parties, Cruise Ships and a wide range 

of Individuals.

SHIKAT Bay Oysters Delivers!! 

Nation Wide Including Hawaii Via;

Alaska Airlines, Alaska Seaplanes, Harris Air, 

Island Air Express & FedEx

Our Process

Raised in trays


 At Shikat (she-cat) Bay Oysters, our oysters are raised in trays suspended from floating rafts. Each raft can hold up to 35 stacks of 9 trays, the stacks of oysters feed in the top 10 feet of the cold nutrient rich Alaska waters of Shikat  Bay which is from 30-70 feet deep.

Cold Clean Alaska Waters


  At Shikat Bay Oysters, our oysters never see Sandy/Muddy beaches and the delicate taste attests to that fact. 

 Why else would our oysters get constant praise from some of the most discerning Oyster Connoisseurs.  

Oysters started from "Spat"


 At Shikat Bay Oysters, we start our oysters from small seed, better known in the industry as “Oyster Spat”. When purchased from the hatchery or nursery the spat can range in size from 1/8” 

to 1”. Lots of care and labor goes into getting 

the spat to the 3” shooter size oyster which 

can take over 2-1/2 years.  

Tumbled to Wash and Shape


The oyster spat goes through a rigorous process during that time being taken out of the water on a routine basis and run through Tumbler/Sorters which sizes, cleans and breaks off the new growth  causing the oyster to grow a deep cup with a fat meaty, flavorful, nice looking oyster ready for the market and ready to plate . 

Packaged in a Sanitary Processing facility


 So in a Nutshell, there you have it! Clean, Cold, Nutrient Rich, Pollution Free, Alaska Water. Highly Pampered and Cared for Oysters

Air Freight to Destinations


  Right up until the time they are placed on the Airplane. 

What Else Can We Say?  


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Give us a call to order or for directions to the farm

Shikat Bay Oysters

Shikat Bay Oysters PO Box 129 Craig, AK 99921 US

(907) 965-5964

Thinking about an Alaska working Vacation?

Helping out in our greenhouse


We invite guests to come help out each summer season. At least a two week stay is preferable. You get yourself here and we will take care of the rest.

Helping out around the house


Give us 5-6 hours of casual labor a day and we will put you up and provide all meals. Whether its helping Beverly out around the house or in the green house, or running to the airport with Beverly to drop off oysters and pick up supplies. 

Helping out at the Oyster Farm


Our guests love coming out to the farm and helping out sorting and counting oysters. The trip to the farm is a 5 mile boat ride where we often see whale, sea otter, seals, eagles, deer and bear. Easy fun work and we supply the needed outer work clothing.

Sport Fishing


And at least once a week we go fishing and our guests are always welcome to come along. Halibut, Salmon, Ling Cod and a variety of rock fish.

Share in the Bounty


Alaska Spot Prawns anybody??

We have great accommodations and show our guests a great time.

Great Food!!!


Dunginess Crab?

Fishing, Shrimping, Crabbing. Inbetween our busy schedule we seem to find the time to have plenty of fun.